Tridge Media LLC

  • Photography, Photographic Services
  • Audio, Video Production Service
1007 Helen St.
Midland , MI 48640
(989) 330-6705
  • About

    Telling a story is the most powerful way to share your history, your mission or build for your future. Leaving your mark for future generations and passing on the legacy of the generation before.

    Tridge Media is a full service company to share your story in many different ways. Whether it be through photographs, Video, or recording audio, we’ve got you covered.

    Tridge Media is well equipped to live stream your function, produce your podcast, film promotional videos, and photograph anything you can throw at us.

    Based in Midland, MI we are centrally located to serve the entire state. Working with Non-profits, small businesses, families and individuals to share what you have to say.

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